January 12, 2022

Preparing Children for an International School

How to best prepare your child for a transition into an International education system

Starting a new life in another country presents opportunities and challenges for every family member. This is especially true when it’s your first time. Whilst parents have their own list of concerns, we know from past experience that worrying about how their child/children will settle into a new school is at the top of that list. 

For many children, starting a new school, even in their native country, is a stressful experience.  So, the move to an international school in a country and city they don’t yet know, may feel really rather daunting. But with careful preparation it doesn’t have to be. 

1. Timing your move

There are those who think it is better to move children to a new location at the beginning of the longer summer holidays, so that they have more time to adjust to new surroundings. However, there is a downside to this, as this is the time when other expats return home for vacation, and as schools are not open either, it is more difficult to meet school families. Moving towards the end of the long holidays may work better for children, as they will be able to enjoy more time with their existing friends, and won’t have to endure weeks of waiting for their new school to begin. 

2. Share information with children

Prior to arriving in Bangkok, parents can share videos of things to do and see there, building up a picture of an exciting, positive place to live. Now that your children know all the fun things waiting for them here, it’s time to show them St. Andrews International School Sathorn. We have videos and a virtual tour for them to watch, so they can form a positive picture and feel more confident about where they will be most days, its location in relation to their new home, and the children who already attend St Andrews. 

3. Find out everything they need to know about the school day

Early years children tend to be adaptive to change, and need less preparation than older children. Once they have made at least one friend and discovered the play area, they settle in quickly. Primary school children tend to need more consultation over their worries, as they may be about things that seem trivial to adults. They are often more concerned about not being the odd one out. They worry about having the right things in their bag, what happens at break time and how the lunch system works. You can make their transition easier by talking to us at St. Andrews and finding out exactly what they need before they start. Ensuring your child has the equipment they feel happy with before they start can go a long way to them enjoying a more confident beginning at their new school. 

4. Book a visit to St. Andrews International School Sathorn

Whilst our videos and virtual tour are excellent preparation aids prior to your move, once you have arrived, we suggest you schedule to visit our school, in person. You will be taken on a personalised tour; a walk through the vibrant corridors of our school and see the happy cheerful faces of Sathorn children. You will also be able to see your child/ren’s future classroom and class teacher. plus, an in person visit also gives parents an opportunity to see the school’s amenities. With this you will be able to make a well informed decision on the school you would like your child to join.

To discover the many benefits that St. Andrews Sathorn can offer your child/children please come and meet us by scheduling a personalised school tour. You can make an appointment via the Visit Sathorn form on our website, or call us. A virtual tour is also available for overseas parents moving to Bangkok.