Our Parents

From the first moment the four of us went in through the school gates in August 2011, we knew we had found somewhere special. Both our kids started at two years old in nursery and made their way through to year 6. It has shaped our children’s lives and has prepared them for their next big step. We moved back to Germany for a year, but it was such a good feeling when we returned to meet old friends and teachers again.


St. Andrews always felt like family. It is a small school and teachers are caring and encouraging. Our children loved coming here and the school has played a major part in them growing in generous and kind-hearted people, appreciating other cultures and traditions. We love how children, teachers and supportive staff communicate across age groups. Everyone knows everyone.


As our children now move on to Secondary, we gratefully bid this amazing school farewell. St. Andrews will always carry a special place in our hearts.

Burton Family

Parents of Paul and Dan

St. Andrews International School Sathorn welcomed our two children, and us, within a week of arriving in Bangkok. Thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff at the school, they settled quickly and comfortably into their classes, clubs and new life.

Nearly two years later, the children still look forward to their day at school. They are challenged, encouraged and thriving in this inclusive and culturally diverse community, which we feel so lucky to have found.

St. Andrews International School Sathorn, really is very special.

Chapman Family

We’ve lived in Bangkok for over 3 years now, arriving when our sons were only 2 and 3 years old. As soon as we visited St. Andrews Sathorn, we knew it was the school for our children.

With the help of the fantastic teachers here, the boys settled in very quickly. Teachers really encourage and value our children’s interests in order to progress their education.

St. Andrews has a great community feel to it; the teachers and staff get to know all of the children and their parents. Also the school yard presence of the head of school on a daily basis is great to see; for parents and children alike.

This school has been at the heart of our Bangkok experience, with the boys receiving quality education in a caring environment; whilst developing friendships and hopefully life-long friends from all corners of the world.

Keaney Family

Parents of Conor in Year 2 and Rian in Reception

We have had our two boys at the school for three years now. They have both matured into well-mannered boys, created great relationships and developed in their education.

St. Andrew’s Sathorn is a small and intimate school which provides a platform for ease of transition for any new families coming into Thailand. It’s particularly great for kids in the early years of school.

The Head of School is in-touch with every aspect of the school, both outdoor and indoor. This school has been very successful in creating a community for both parents and students in equal measure.

St. Andrews Sathorn is definitely so much more than a school, it quickly becomes family. We are very honoured that our two boys have had an opportunity to grow in this wonderful environment!

Valerie and Patrick Wamoto

Parents of Juan Year 1 and Jadini Year 2

This year, is the second year that Elsa and George studied in St. Andrews. When I was preparing to leave for Thailand, my friend recommended this school with a good reputation in Thailand to me. Due to the impact of the epidemic, my kids’ English was not very good, but we were lucky to be admitted. In these two years, teachers gave my children enough attention and help that they can now communicate freely with their peers. They become confident, polite and creative. I am also deeply attracted by the teachers’ educational philosophy of caring for others and the environment. St. Andrews is a very loving family! Because of work, we have to go back to China next school year, but we leave St. Andrews with many good memories. If we come to Thailand again, St. Andrews will be our first choice. We love cool crabs and kind ducks!

Chen Family

Since the first day, our trial class, Maria, my youngest daughter, was so impressed with her classmates who were very welcoming. They not only came to greet her but also gave her a toy to bring home. These made Maria very happy within a new school environment. When the school started, she sometimes could not understand what teachers said, she would ask her friends who sat near her. They are very helpful and helped Maria adapt to new the school environment easily.  Maria also loves her teachers who are caring and create a good classroom atmosphere. For these reasons, she really likes to go to school.

St. Andrews may not a big school but is a warm one, as every student know each other. Furthermore, the Head of School is very nice.  Every day in morning and afternoon, she will come to greet students at the front gate. It would be better if the school also provide us with senior high school. J

Thank you very much to Ms. Pennock, Miss Helen, Mr. Jerome, Ms Pearl, Ms. Bee and all the staff at St. Andrews Sathorn for your kind support.

Chaowapatanawong Family

Chaowapatanawong Family

We were posted to Thailand with the British Embassy just before COVID struck. St. Andrew’s has shone a very bright light through what has been a very challenging time. Our children couldn’t be happier and therefore we are.


Winnie started her St. Andrew’s experience online and to our surprise absolutely loved it and was very engaged. Miss Louise always makes the lessons so much fun and to be honest we have learnt so much from her too! Winnie will have had two full terms in the Pumpkin classroom and we are delighted she has made close bonds with the teachers and class friends. The school has gone the extra mile helping us with something we were finding particularly challenging. They supported all of us and most importantly made Winnie feel comfortable. As a family we have been astounded by the care, positive energy, flexibility and patience all the staff have.


As a family we felt we could not let Wilbur miss out on this wonderful school so he joined Miss Rosie’s Rainbows and has never looked back. He adores his time there, despite only saying two words at a time we know he absolutely loves it as he is always asking if he is going to school. He soon made a strong bond with Khun Pook and he loves all the activities and never stops singing Mr. Ted’s songs… we think!


We have been most impressed with how incredibly calm and patient the teachers and leadership have been with every week having some sort of Covid disruption to classes and learning. There are brilliant systems in place to keep the parents involved and engaged in what is happening.


It is an exceptional school and we could not recommend it more highly. We will miss St. Andrew’s enormously and wish the whole school every success and happiness. Thank you to everyone for making our time with you so special.

Waite Family

Waite Family

Our children Paul and Dan have really flourished in their time at St Andrews.  We initially picked the school because we had been most impressed by Ms Karen’s hands-on approach, unfailingly visiting each classroom every morning, knowing what was going on with each child.  We also appreciated the central location, it is small in size and the cozy feeling.  Over time we saw both boys gain in confidence, and build many friendships which will no doubt last them a lifetime.  We also saw vast improvements in their spoken and written English, a language we don’t use at home, so it’s all credit to the school and its top-rate teachers.


We also appreciate the community which forms beyond the classroom.  We notice that our children greet and mingle with kids from different classes and years. The parents too, form a close-knit community and meet each other after class, on weekends, and even on holiday.  We feel we couldn’t have made a better choice for a first school for our children; St Andrews Sathorn instilled in them the fun of learning, and the pleasure of going to school.

Horn Family

Horn Family

Blake has really grown since starting at St. Andrews Sathorn last year – he is more confident and has a very diverse range of multicultural friends at school. Blake wakes up every morning very excited to go to school every day ! St Andrews Sathorn provides a very safe environment, well-structured learning, the children interact and socialise very well with each other at all age levels!

We decided on St. Andrews Sathorn not just because of the great location or that the teachers are very well educated to an International standard (every class also have Thai assistants) – the best of both worlds ! While these are important points – when evaluating schools, I didn’t look at how great the facilities are at the schools, how big the pool or other facilities were… I looked at how the older children interacted and treated each other in the playground. If they were happy, playing, socialising and not simply sitting there on their mobile phones. I then asked myself a simple question – “Is this how I want my son to turn out” ? When I saw how the children interact with each other at St. Andrews Sathorn – the answer was a definite YES!

I finally chose St. Andrews because of Miss Karen Pennock, Head of School, a close friend of mine’s daughter was attending St. Andrews Sathorn (a while before Blake started here), his daughter became very sick in hospital. Karen visited her in hospital every single day. Karen really does care about her all of her students, you rarely see this level of commitment. Once I heard about this, I knew this was the right school for us. Karen knows every student’s name and leads from the front!

Post Script: Lily Towers is doing very well in the UK after Cancer treatment, receiving Stem cells and a double lung transplant.

Bemand Family