Our Community - Parent Teacher Group

St. Andrews International School, Sathorn’s Parent Teacher Group aims to build a bridge between parents and teachers, to maintain lines of communication and enhance school life. Our parents and teachers play an active role in the St. Andrews community and work together not just on educational and welfare matters, but to keep alive the diverse cultural traditions of our students.

Parent Teacher Group Goals:

  • To support and enhance St. Andrews programs and to promote and continue to develop community spirit.
  • To promote camaraderie within the St. Andrews community in order to foster a holistic and friendly educational environment for our children.
  • To provide material, and/or volunteer assistance for the benefit of teachers and students within the                St. Andrews community.

The Parent Teacher Group organises many events throughout the school year and there are many opportunities for our parents to get involved, ranging from volunteering in the classroom to serving on one of the Parent Teacher Group committees.