February 6, 2022

Passionate Teachers

Why is it important to surround your child with experienced and passionate teachers

The interactions your children have with their teachers play a huge role in their overall development and wellbeing. That is why at St. Andrews International School Sathorn, we pay great attention to recruiting experienced teaching professionals who are passionate about their work and whose skills and thinking are in harmony with the ethos of this school. 

Here are six reasons experienced, passionate teachers are important for your children:

  1. They focus on each child as an individual

Rather than completing activities in a one-size-fits-all mentality, passionate educators take the time to learn more about each child and what they need to be successful. They also observe the child to see how they respond to certain activities or approaches and adjust the learning experience to fit the individual.

  1. They provide a caring environment

Caring teachers go out of their way to make children feel loved, welcomed and valued. This instils a sense of belonging and confidence in a child, and they are more likely to be engaged in learning and social activities.

  1. They are enthusiastic

Passionate and dedicated teachers are able to demonstrate exceptional enthusiasm, even when they have many tasks on hand. When a teacher expresses genuine interest in daily activities, your child notices this enthusiasm. It makes them feel excited and content as well. 

  1. They are patient

Because passionate teachers are focused on an excellent experience and outcome for each child, they can slow themselves down to take care of a child’s particular needs — even when it requires extra patience.

  1. They give children more opportunities to thrive

With a top quality teacher, your child will be under the care and direction of someone who is highly skilled and highly passionate about your child’s cognitive and behavioural development. Your child won’t just be a number; they will be treated as someone special and important.

  1. They value communicating with families

The best teachers know that involving parents and families in the care and education of a child is an essential part of achieving a successful outcome. They know how to ask insightful questions, how to listen to what the parents say, and seek feedback on how to improve their teaching.

Finally, a passionate teacher never gives up! They don’t stand back when things are difficult; instead they look for solutions to make things better.

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