Parents Involvement
March 18, 2022

Parents Involvement

How parents can get involved in their child’s education

Countless studies and reports have shown that children achieve more in school when their parents are involved in their education. Parental involvement not only enhances academic performance, but it also has a positive influence on a child’s attitude and behaviour. Furthermore, parents’ interest in their child’s education can affect the child’s attitude toward school. 

Schools and teachers benefit from parental involvement. First, because involved parents develop a greater understanding of  the work that teachers do in the classroom. Second, because clear and open communication between home and school helps a teacher to know children better. 

By becoming involved in their children’s education, parents also get the satisfaction of making a contribution to their children’s education and future. They also have a better understanding of the school curriculum and activities, and can be more comfortable with the quality of education their child is receiving. 

How parents can get involved at St. Andrews School Sathorn

At St. Andrews International School Sathorn we actively encourage parents’ involvement with the school, because it is a vital element in creating our close-knit community environment. It is also very valuable during the early and primary years in helping children make the transition from the familiarity of home to a new setting where they will spend a substantial amount of their time. 

There are of course activities that parents can take part in at home, such as reading together at home, which greatly improves a child’s reading skills. There is a life-long benefit in reading to children, as well as an opportunity to share your favourite childhood stories and books with your children. Our teachers are always happy to discuss books your child might enjoy as well, and we welcome parents’ questions about appropriate books for a child’s reading level. We also have an online portal where parents can see the books available to borrow and book these during online learning or when children are in school. 

Helping with homework is another form of involvement that can help your child gain confidence. Knowing they can ask you as well as their teacher about a topic they are struggling with removes a significant amount of stress for a child. Again, our teachers’ doors are always open to parents’ questions about homework tasks. 

Finally, we have an energetic Parent Teacher Group (PTG) at St. Andrews Sathorn where our parents and teachers play an active role in the St. Andrews community and work together not just on educational and welfare matters, but to keep alive the diverse cultural traditions of our students.

St. Andrews Parent Teacher Group Goals:

  • To support and enhance St. Andrews programs and to promote and continue to develop community spirit.
  • To promote camaraderie within the St. Andrews community in order to foster a holistic and friendly educational environment for our children.
  • To provide material, and/or volunteer assistance for the benefit of teachers and students within the St. Andrews community.

The PTG is very active in organising events throughout the school year, and these events provide an excellent opportunity for parental involvement. As you can perhaps imagine, a school fair, for example, takes a significant amount of time to organise, our parents are an essential part of the school and its spirit. 

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