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July 8, 2022

Sports and Creative Curriculum

The importance of the sports and creative curriculum at Sathorn

While many subjects at school are taught primarily in the classroom, sports and physical education provide a great opportunity for children to head outside, get active, and focus on developing different skills. A creative curriculum offers a different, but no less important, opportunity for children to explore and express themselves in an entirely different way. 

At St. Andrews International School Sathorn we value these two elements of our curriculum, because they are an important part of a well-rounded education. 

Sports at St. Andrews Sathorn

The positive impact of sport stretches far beyond the physical. Exercise and sporting activity can have significant knock-on effects on other areas of a child’s academic performance. It also plays a vital role in developing personal wellness and physical fitness, as well as reducing anxiety and stress whilst increasing self-esteem , mood and concentration. 

The PE programme at St. Andrews Sathorn, as with the rest of the curriculum, appreciates each child’s capabilities alongside teaching them the value of teamwork, competition, character and selflessness. Our teachers understand that not every child is sporty, so we aim to ensure that those who are less interested are encouraged and supported to find some physical activity they enjoy. 

Our PE/Sports curriculum emphasises:

  • The idea of being part of a team
  • The importance of nutrition and exercise
  • Developing responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions
  • Promoting honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and fair play
  • Encouraging humility in defeat and graciousness in victory
  • Respect for coaches, other competitors and oneself

Our PE teachers also ensure that sporting activities are continued after school through extra-curricular activities. For more information about our extra-curricular activities please click here.

Creativity at St. Andrews

A creative curriculum encourages the development of children’s imaginations by providing a range of artistic activities that the children can explore for themselves supported by their teachers. Whether real or imaginary, we feel that it is only through actual experience that a child can learn to truly empathise with the lives and feelings of others, and the more creative we can be with our teaching, the more able we are to offer an overall whole learning experience. And like sports activities, our creative activities are another way in which parents can share and celebrate their children’s enthusiasm for whichever form of artistic expression they love the most.

We believe that studying Music, Drama and Visual Arts helps to develop self-confidence and communication and develop a lifelong engagement with and appreciation for the arts, and all children are exposed to each from Nursery to Year 6. Our specialist music and drama teachers are trained to encourage and guide each child’s development, and we also offer private piano and violin lessons throughout the school day for an additional fee.

The school’s many musical ensembles, choirs and drama productions provide many opportunities for the children to find a passion for the arts, and throughout the year they take part in school productions, and our Sathorn choir performs at BNH hospital, Shopping Malls and the British Club in Bangkok. We also have a Rock Band that regularly competes in the TISAC (Thailand International Schools Activities Conference) Battle of the Bands.

The variety offered by our sports and creative curricula is something that we are very proud of at St. Andrews, and we believe they are both very important to the fullest development of each child.

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Of course, the best way to discover the sports and creative facilities that St. Andrews can offer your child/children is to come and meet us by scheduling a personalised school tour. You can make an appointment via the Visit Sathorn form on our website, or call us. A virtual tour is also available for overseas parents moving to Bangkok. 

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