Leadership and Culture at St. Andrews Sathorn
April 19, 2023

Leadership and Culture at St. Andrews Sathorn

Our staff at a St. Andrews International School Sathorn are highly qualified, experienced teachers that have a passion for teaching and inspiring our children. Our school believes in a personalised learning experience for all children and delivers a level of excellence that creates an environment where our children thrive, in a fun, creative and supportive atmosphere. 

We believe that each child is unique and that they deserve a tailored learning journey that meets their individual needs. This approach enables our children to enjoy school, learn well, achieve more, and ultimately lead to them becoming responsible global citizens.  

Teaching and non-teaching staff at our school, have access to a wide range of high-quality internal and external continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities. This helps them to support learning within our school and ensures that their teaching practices are kept up-to-date and of a high standard. In addition to CPD, our extensive leadership team offers coaching and mentoring to all staff, which leads to them having outstanding teaching skills. 

Our school also provides opportunities for staff to progress within their career, by providing leadership roles to internal staff who have proven themselves as capable professionals. With this nurturing environment, our staff members can stay on top of the latest developments in education and advance their careers within our school.

Excellent Learning Development Opportunities by Cognita

Further to the opportunities within our school, our staff also have access to a variety of professional development provided by Cognita. This includes yearly conferences such as ‘CogCon’ (an exciting training day), which brings over 100 Cognita schools together from more than 15 countries to support development of approximately 15000 employees on a variety of shared foci. Our St. Andrews group of schools (Dusit, Sathorn, Sukhumvit 107 and Green Valley) also work together, providing a platform to share learning developments and allows for work to be moderated together, providing consistency and accuracy with standards throughout our school. 

Additionally, our school leaders benefit from yearly leadership conferences, where ideas are shared and peers can network. For our aspiring colleagues, Cognita also offers an ‘Aspiring Leaders Program’ to help staff develop leadership and managerial qualities, in order to help them progress their career outside of the classroom. Through these opportunities, our staff members are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their roles and contribute to our school’s successful leadership.

Strong and Dedicated Leadership Team

Our school is fortunate to have a strong and experienced leadership team who have together dedicated over a few decades, to the success of St. Andrews Sathorn. This stability and continuity have created confidence and trust among our staff, children, and parents. Our leadership team’s deep understanding of our school’s culture, values, and vision has enabled them to provide guidance and support that is aligned with our school’s mission. As a result, our teachers feel trusted and valued by the leadership team, which creates a positive work environment and motivates them to work hard to achieve children’s academic success. The children, in turn, feel safe, secure, and well-supported by their teachers, which enhances their confidence and self-esteem.

This trusting and positive atmosphere has created a successful and thriving community that is loved by all. Our school’s academic performance, community involvement, and overall reputation reflect the dedication and commitment of our leadership team and staff. It is their leadership that has created a culture of learning, love and respect at our school. 

The St. Andrews International Schools Group in Thailand (Cognita Group) together have steeped over 25 years in providing education for children in Nursery to Year 6 (primary campuses, for children 2 to 11 years old) and from Year 7 to Year 13 (secondary campuses). 

Written by:

Mr. Sean Dougan

Year 6 Class Teacher,

Maths and Online Learning Platform Lead,

St. Andrews Sathorn.

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