Frank & Colinda Rokers; Parents of Julian, Year 2

St. Andrews Sathorn is a friendly, warm and family oriented international school. The staff is wonderful, the teachers are professional with excellent teaching capabilities, kind, positive and easy to communicate with. It feels like a small community and it has been a very welcoming place to both our son Julian and ourselves.

It was exactly the type of school we were looking for when we arrived in Bangkok three years ago.

Julian has had a wonderful educational experience at St. Andrews Sathorn. He has been attending the school from reception onwards. We believe that the diverse mix of nationalities has been a great benefit to him. The school regularly engage to celebrate the various cultures that are represented at school, as well as national holidays. Julian is always looking forward to these celebrations.

The school is continuously looking for new ways to further strengthen. Head of school, Karen Pennock and her team are always open to suggestions and ideas for improvement.

But what really sets the school apart is that it has created a safe environment in a beautiful historic building. Children learn optimally in an environment where they feel safe and are accepted. That is what St. Andrews is offering together with a sound and high quality British curriculum. In our opinion, children care about a trouble-free environment where they can do fun things when learning and playing. That is what they will remember later.

Tanawat and Witara Roongtanapirom; Parents of Tawit Y6 and Weewarin Y4

With its size and relatively small space, given its being located right in the city centre, St. Andrew’s Sathorn really exceeds our expectation in every way!

We can’t be happier with how both of our children have progressed as individuals, carefully nurtured and taught by each of the faculty members whose untiring effort can be seen through the years here.

The true international student body at St. Andrew’s Sathorn has naturally encouraged cultural and social learnings on a global scale not only for the kids but also for the parents.

Last but not least, when we first found out about St. Andrew’s Sathorn, we already thought the School’s backdrops were too good to be true, but then it has become that and more. We would recommend it to parents looking for a school with good surroundings filled with loving cares and supportive learning environment.

Valerie and Patrick Wamoto; Parents of Juan Y1 and Jadini Y2

We have had our two boys at the school for shy to three years now. They have both matured into well-mannered boys, created great relationships and developed in their education.

St. Andrew’s Sathorn is a small and intimate school which provides a platform for ease of transition for any new families coming into Thailand. It’s particularly great for kids in the early years of school.

The Head of School is in-touch with every aspect of the school, both outdoor and indoor. This school has been very successful in creating a community for both parents and students in equal measure.

St. Andrews Sathorn is definitely so much more than a school, it quickly becomes family. We are very honoured that our two boys have had an opportunity to grow in this wonderful environment!

Annalisa and Francesco Palombi; Parents of Lavinia Reception, Beatrice Y1 and Isabella Y4

We  will never forget our daughter, on the way back from school, saying that she had the best day in her life.

At the time, she had just started Year 2 in St Andrews Sathorn. It was just the end of the first week in the new school, in a different country, our first experience abroad and English was a brand new language for all the girls. We were coming straight from Italy, with our 2, 3 and 6 years old girls. We were excited to start a new life in Bangkok but at the same time also with plenty of doubts if it would work out as we thought.

From that day, almost three years have passed. And we can say without any hesitation that St Andrews is the amazing school that we were hoping to find.

The girls blossomed during these years, picked up speaking English incredibly fast, made lovely new friends coming from everywhere around the world, learned and enjoyed in many different ways, during the school classes and the sport and recreational activities. They experimented how to learn while having fun, to become great students and amazing persons.

As parents we cannot be happier and that’s not all...

Families are welcomed since the first days in a cozy community, the school is open to listen to parents’ needs and suggestions, the environment and the Asian nature of the school make you feel at home. All the staff - from the Head of the school to the teachers and all the people that are working there - are fantastic, always listening, giving a hand with a smile and a very positive attitude.

Once a friend told us he would have loved to have the opportunity to attend St Andrew himself when he was a child... He couldn’t be more right.