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Thank you for your interest in applying to St. Andrews International School, Sathorn. We are a small inclusive community based primary school for children aged 2 to 11 years old.

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Blake has really grown since starting at St. Andrews Sathorn last year - he is more confident and has a very diverse range of multicultural friends at school. Blake wakes up every morning very excited to go to school every day ! St Andrews Sathorn provides a very safe environment, well-structured learning, the children interact and socialise very well with each other at all age levels!

We decided on St. Andrews Sathorn not just because of the great location or that the teachers are very well educated to an International standard (every class also have Thai assistants) - the best of both worlds ! While these are important points - when evaluating schools, I didn't look at how great the facilities are at the schools, how big the pool or other facilities were... I looked at how the older children interacted and treated each other in the playground. If they were happy, playing, socialising and not simply sitting there on their mobile phones. I then asked myself a simple question - “Is this how I want my son to turn out” ? When I saw how the children interact with each other at St. Andrews Sathorn - the answer was a definite YES!

I finally chose St. Andrews because of Miss Karen Pennock, Head of School, a close friend of mine's daughter was attending St. Andrews Sathorn (a while before Blake started here), his daughter became very sick in hospital. Karen visited her in hospital every single day. Karen really does care about her all of her students, you rarely see this level of commitment. Once I heard about this, I knew this was the right school for us. Karen knows every student's name and leads from the front!

Post Script: Lily Towers is doing very well in the UK after Cancer treatment, receiving Stem cells and a double lung transplant.

Bemand Family,
parents of Blake Bemand

This is our fourth year in Bangkok, which has been divided by 11 months at home in between. Initially we arrived with a 2 year old and a 3 year old. The second time we returned with a 6 year old, 4 year old and 18 month old. The first instance saw our two older children begin and thrive in the Early Years, so much so, I was devastated they could not continue their schooling at St Andrew’s.

When they returned to Australia, they were up to 9 months ahead of their peers at school and required extension schooling. The second time we returned the children were so excited to see their old friends and teachers, they slid right back into old routines. This is only made possible by the amazing school community at St Andrews that Karen and her handpicked teachers develop through every aspect of school life.

Both of my younger children have maintained a daily presence in the schoolyard counting down until they too could start in Nursery, and by the time they did, they were well known entities who felt accepted and included by the teachers and whole school community.

The smaller size of St Andrews Sathorn is possibly one of its greatest strengths. Whilst we don’t have multiple sports fields we do have a Head of School who can be seen in the playground every morning and amazing interactions of the year levels where Year Six students can be seen caring for Year 1 students and Year Three students reading books to Reception.

The opportunities provided to my children have been wide ranging and second to none, ranging across music, sports, academics, outdoor education and community focused events. My eldest is constantly devising ways in which he can remain at St Andrews until he completes his primary schooling!! St Andrews you will be sorely missed.

Welch family,
parents of Hamish, Eadie and Clementine.