The focus of the library at St. Andrews International School Sathorn is to promote wide-ranging literacy skills in order to  develop a love of literature in all of our children. It is important for children to develop a strong foundation of traditional literacy, as well as a foundation the emerging skills of the 21st century. Our students learn to harness the power of technology and successfully integrate the use of a variety of tools and skills to enhance the breadth and depth of their understanding.

Our goal is to help students:

  • Become effective, ethical and discriminating users of the vast amount of information available
  • Foster a love of reading
  • Use libraries for lifelong learning

The library facilitates collaboration between students, staff, parents and the wider school community through the provision of vibrant, flexible spaces, both physical and virtual. These rich learning environments cater for individual learning preferences and contribute to intellectual quality and academic excellence.

Specialist library staff empower students as learners. Support for inquiry learning is provided through a sequential development of skills which enable students to successfully engage in a digital information environment.

Our library inspires a love of literature through a rich and diverse collection of print and electronic fiction. A strong reading culture in the school is fostered through regular reading experiences in the library, author visits, Book Week and other literary events.