At St. Andrews International School Sathorn, we are conscious that our students operate in an increasingly digital and global world. We provide our students with access to technology in the classroom through a vast array of online resources and devices. Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and students have access to banks of iPads and computers throughout the week as needed.

Seesaw our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) facilitates the transfer of information and learning resources between teachers, students and parents. It provides much greater levels of communication and visibility to the whole school community.

St. Andrews International School Sathorn is committed to supporting our teachers in the use of digital technologies and equipping them with the skills and knowledge required for 21st Century Learning. Teachers have access to extensive professional development opportunities as we believe that highly skilled teachers are integral to the success of our school programme.

In order to prepare our students as effective 21st century citizens, we need to provide them with the opportunity to learn all the digital skills necessary for them to use relevant technology, and ensure they understand the need to use that knowledge responsibly.