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Our kids Kanon and Kakeru have been attending St. Andrews Sathorn, since August 2012. The first month was very difficult for our daughter, Kanon. This was the first time she had moved abroad, without being able to speak any English.

Now, Kanon plays amongst friends from America, Australia, Belgium, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Thailand. A few days ago, our son Kakeru spoke to his father, “You can speak English a little, but I can speak a lot”. This had us rolling in the aisles and also made us so happy to know his ability of English developed to this level.

St. Andrews Sathorn is a good sized school, every one at the school knows each other and takes great care to include all parents.

We feel very content and we are sure we will continue to do so.

Parents, Hoshiya Family - Japan, Kakeru Reception, Kanon Y2

Minn genuinely loves to go school. The teachers and staff are attentive and caring. The schools’ anti-bullying policy, positive relationship and behavior policy, convinced us the students are growing in a friendly and safe environment. This naturally would lead them to be good people with positive attitudes in the future. Student reports also show each child’s learning is emphasized on the individual. We thank the teachers for your efforts on encouraging our child to build confidence, to speak and respect her own ideas, whilst respecting and appreciating other cultures and differences.

Parent, Kosolyudhthasarn Family, Thailand, Minn Y2

Our journey with St. Andrews, Sathorn started four years back when our son, Neil turned two. It has been an amazing journey since then.

We are happy to see our child tread the road to learning, meandering through the carefully thought out and customized curriculum dotted with various learning tools and latest techniques in the class.

The teachers of the school with its healthy mix of youth and experience have ensured learning is fun. Neil completes his homework with a smile and is ready to prepare for the next day. We are happy to see that his learning is not restricted to the classroom as his teachers keep asking him to relate to things from outside the class too. Games and extra-curricular activities like field trips and productions have stimulated Neil’s inquisitiveness about various things around him.

We were touched when Neil explained to us the significance of the Loy Kratong festival. We are truly happy to see that our son has been able to benefit from the multi-cultural mix in his school.

Parent teacher group meetings held at regular intervals have ensured that we parents get to know what lies on the road ahead in teaching and learning for our child.

The warmth and professionalism of the staff has ensured that our child gets an environment conducive for learning in his formative years. We feel very proud to be a part of the St. Andrews ever growing family and can say that our child is being nurtured in a very healthy, caring, safe and happy environment here thereby making him a better human being.

Parents, Mrs & Mr. Prashant Kumar, India, Neil Kumar – Year 1

Moving from Melbourne, Australia to Bangkok was a big move for our family especially as our son had just finished his first year of school happy and confident. We never could have hoped that the school that we chose for him and now our daughter could have been such a "perfect fit". The light in our children's eyes shines brighter each and every day because of the experiences that they have been given at St Andrews Sathorn.

The school practices the ethos of caring and catering for individual students and our children have been very fortunate to have been taught and mentored by outstanding educators that we will always have the highest of regard for. From academics to sport, dance, music and much much more, St Andrews offers all students the ability to explore their interests in a fun and challenging manner, inspiring them to reach goals that are impressive for children of such young ages.

The school community has been a place where lifelong friendships have been forged for not only our children but us parents as well. The open relationship between the school and parents instills a sense of comfort and confidence that each day our children are being heard, valued and encouraged. We as parents of two children receiving the highest quality of primary and early year’s education could not be happier with our choices.


Parents, Wiggett Family, Australia, Liana KG, Rhys Y4


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